Investment Services

Financing high growth and promising turnaround equity stories.

Institutional Brokerage

Investment world is ever changing, and you need the best execution available for your asset portfolio turnover. Regulators ask you to use your clients’ capital wisely achieving their investment objectives, minimizing the costs involved to achieve that, including execution costs, our goal is to excel for our clients in as many securities as possible with the best metrics on TCA (Transaction cost analysis) we can achieve.

IBKR platform provides our clients the best access to international markets and assets, an executions and trading platform together with a world class clearing facilities, all serviced by a listed BBB+ rated firm.

Wealth Management

Our approach to wealth management is integral, this means, structure, objectives, strategy and assets.

We use the best third-party assets available and being brand neutral gives us the flexibility to get the best for our clients, additionally our core asset picking includes small to micro-cap special situations and turn arounds where the highest returns with protected investment strategies are structured and executed for our managed and advised clients.