Jose Ignacio Navas, BA., MFIA.

Jose Ignacio is BA in Economics, by Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, UAM, major in Monetary Policy and Public finances; further studies in Corporate Finance and Securities analysis by University Polytechnic of Madrid, UPM; MFIA by IEB Madrid and founder of the ECB Observatory in Spain. Besides advising Gravitas, Mr. Navas is and independent contractor with financial institutions and asset managers.

Started his career at Bank of Spain, as one of the developers of the Spanish Government Debt market. Then move to Banco Bilbao Vizcaya, Banco Inversion, CECA, Caixa Galicia; with several senior directorship responsibilities on the Treasury, Markets and Financing at the different entities. Also has an extensive background managing funds and institutional portfolios.

He is professor of different graduate and doctoral courses in several universities and business schools; CUNEF, SAN PABLO CEU, INSTITUTO BME, ESCA and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He has been and is usually engaged as speaker in seminars, conferences related to Monetary Policy, Financing and Markets.