Leonard M. Schiller, Esq., BA, JD

For over 35 years, Leonard has served as President and Managing Partner of Chicago based law firm Schiller, Strauss & Lavin, P.C. Leonard’s representative client base is national in scope, litigating real estate taxation matters and developed creative legal theories in response to the valuation issues and ranges from Fortune 500 companies to local homeowners.

In addition, Mr. Schiller has served as the President of The Dearborn Group, a residential property management and real estate company (Midwest). Mr. Schiller has acted as a principal in numerous private loan transactions and has been responsible for the structure, and management of these transactions.

Mr. Schiller has also served on the Board of Directors of IMALL, an early internet search engine company; AccuMED International, Inc. Manufacturer of medical diagnostic screening products. Currently serves as director of Milestone Scientific, Inc.; Jerrick Media, and a limited partner of Gravitas LP LLC, a Private Hedge fund.